Big Pandulum–Montblanc Chronometrie Exo Tourbillon

The bigger the pendulum is, the bigger better inertia and stability it ha. So if you want a precise watch, you need a big pendulum. But if we put the whole escapement in the tourbillon, the escapement then needs to spin in the tourbillon frame, and so we need a bigger tourbillon frame, and then we need more energy as the big frame consumes more energy. Montblanc developed the Exo Tourbillon, with bigger pendulum which is set outside the tourbillon frame, and it consumes the same energy, but we get a big pendulum, so we get better precision.

Now there are two editions: one is chronometrie Exo Tourbillon limited edition with white gold. This edition has multiple layers. On the upper side, it is blue that depicts the starring night. At the 12 o’clock, there are diamonds around. Another limited edition is the Chronometrie Exo Tourbillon Minute chronograph with 18k red gold.

The movement on the Montblanc Chronometrie Exo Tourbillon is a MB230 which was designed upon the former Nicolas Rieussec movement. Exo Tourbillon here is used to replace the original escapement. It also has single button and vertical column wheel. such a manual winding movement has two barrels that could store 50 hours of energy. The date and minute hands are on the same axis. An quite useful function is that the hour hand could set on the hourly basis, making time setting easy. What’s more, minute hand and second are immune from any influences, and the chronograph dial is round and has different length of hands. On the left is a small second counter and on the right is a minute counter.

Monblanc as one of the quality replica watches uses a 44mm case, just like the old Montblanc Chronometrie does. Other Chronometrie uses a flat bezel but in this Montblanc Chronometrie Exo Tourbillon it has a slightly-sunk bezel.