Breitling Replicas – Superocean 42 VS. Cockpit B50

Breiling Superocean 42 is a professional sport watch and the rubber strap is the best choice for sport watches. The leather strap could not resist sweat and salty ocean, while the stainless steel bracelet is too heavy. Canvas strap is good but it should has a good skirt at least, otherwise it would be a torture to your wrist. Although rubber is soft and good in performance, it ages quickly. The buckle is simple but could connects firmly. As the joint in the buckle is not heavy, so it would not cause any convenience to your hand.

The new pure blue Breiling Superocean 42 seems darker but you won’t feel heavy when wearing it, so it suits the daily wearing or matches a suit in the formal oocasion. In addition to this one, there are other different combination of products, such the normal ones, the black stainless steel, the red bezel, the orange bezel and blue bezel.

Fitting with B50 movement, Breitling Cockpit B50 has a super Quartz movement that is 10 time precise than the standard quartz movement. Breitling B50 also has innovation in the digital display so that it can be read wherever it is. Two black setting and white front LCD is fitted with high-performance luminous system and a highly clear reading will be seen as long as press the button. What’s more, B50 is fitted with an exclusive tilted-system. I mean, when you tilt your watch into a certain degree (35 degree or above), the back lighting system will be started. This is a quite clever design, especially useful for those who are driving a car or a plane. Another highlighted point is the brand new digital display. 7 digits are display at 12 o’clock and every digit contains 14 bits, so that can display different combination of English letters.