BRUTTO IS MITCH’S FAVORITE DOG! He’s completely loyal and friendly to Mitch, and he’ll do anything to save Mitch when he’s in danger! However, when he first appeared, he was taken by the police to hunt down the fugitive Mickey Mouse as a hound without a name. Pluto is a pure dog, he can only rely on his nasal sound to express his love and hatred. Although he never spoke, he had no trouble communicating with Mitch. Pluto is also a bit mischievous, and sometimes causes a little trouble.

Pluto’s name originated from the past nine planets, Pluto. In a picture of Pluto by New Horizons, the shadow on the surface looks like Pluto’s face.

Pluto is eager to be satisfied, lacks concentration, likes to jump around, and is easily frightened, but when he encounters problems, he can always infer right and wrong and solve them in surprising ways instead of acting arbitrarily.

Brutto entered the entertainment business long before she became Mitch’s pet. In a 1930 film, The Chain Gang, Brutto appears for The first time as a police dog. The Picnic reappeared as minnie’s dog in The 1930 film, but it wasn’t until its third appearance in The Moose Hunt in 1931 that it was finally set as Mitch’s dog and has been with Mitch ever since.

Pluto has appeared in many animated short films and other works. He appeared as a nonverbal animal in a cartoon. Although he has no lines, he is deeply loved by the audience. Since 1931, he has been inseparable from Mickey and has become a familiar cartoon. Characters, many families are also willing to name their pet dog Pluto to express their affection for him.

Everyone often has a doubt. In Disney animation, it is also a dog. Pluto is Mickey’s pet, and Goofy is Mickey’s friend? Over the years, everyone has discussed this issue for a long time. Some people think that Goofy is a personified dog, while Pluto is purely an animal, who cannot speak, walk upright, and has no clothes to wear.

Someone once asked, what species is Goofy?

In response to this, Disney made an “official response.” In the Disney series “House of Mouse”, someone asked Gao Fei: “What are you? Like a dog, and like a human, a dog? What exactly are you? ?”

And Goofy just replied stupidly:

“I am just Goofy!”

So Goofy and Pluto are different, but they are equally cute.

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