Diamond Watch – Rolex GMT MASTERII 6769TBR-74779B

Launched in 1955, GMT watch was researched and developed by Rolex for international airline pilots. Since 2005, GMT MASTERII is equipped with 24 hours rotating watch bezel, which can read the time of three time zones in total, among which two time zones’ time can be Synchronously read. For travelers, this feature of the Rolex GMT MASTERII has highly practical value. Today the Rolex watch we are to bring for you is not just because it can read three time zones, but the whole body of this GMT MASTER watch is diamond-studded to be shining and charming.

Rolex GMT MASTERII 6769TBR-74779B
For this Rolex GMT MARSTERII watch, there is only one in Beijing city in China, which is selling at the price of £¤4,756,500 RMB, its features can be listed as follows: automatic mechanical watch movement, watch case of 18 k platinum with diamonds in the diameter of 40 mm, watch strap of 18 k platinum with diamonds in silvery color, watch dial of silvery-white color in round shape, watch dial inlaid with diamonds, watch mirror of sapphire crystal glass mirror, watch crown of 18K platinum, watch buckle of folding buckle made of 18 K platinum, watch back of Solid Case Back, waterproof of 100 meters and watch functions including date display and GMT.

This Rolex GMT MASTERII watch was launched in 2007 and has only one in China. Though GMT MASTER watches are specially designed for professional use, its unparalleled functions and appearance design make it favorable among the travelers. In addition to the different time zones display, the solid material and the appearance that is easy to match of the GMT Master watch not only suitable to wear when traveling around the world but suitable to attend any occasions. Although this wrist watch is not suitable for daily wear, but it is good choice to wear occasionally at some significant activities, of course, it can also be used to collect, and it shall be a excellent watch by no means.