Hublot Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade Edition

American CQ and Mr. Wade held a party to celebrating the debut of Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade. Vincent Vuilaume, Hublot chairman in American zone, will present this watch to public. Hublot even prepared a lovers’ watches for Wade and his wife-a Hublot Big Bang in which branded with the best blessing-Something blue. Many other celebrities, like Bruce Weber who is a photographer, Alonzo Mourning who is a basketball star, Maxwell Osborne who is a fashion designer and Simon Spurr, etc attended the party.

AS the official chronograph for Miami Heat, Hublot and Wade, the American basketball star, become most close partner. Melting with good basketball skills, unique style and leading charming, Wade has been serving in Heat since 2003 and makes many great achievements as a popular NBA star. He won the Most Valued Player and gold metal in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and founded Wade World Charity Fund. What’s more, his taste on clothing make it become the avant-garde in the world fashion circle.

“Hublot actively joins sports events brings the world’s sport circle the “Authentic fusion.” Since Wade served as the ambassador in 2011, Hublot keeps a close relations and cooperation with it and will continue and deepen their cooperation. The classic fusion reflects Wade’s charm and sport’s passion and we are glad to bring in such a wonder work to everybody”, says Kaldor Guadalupe, the Hublot’s CEO. “Fashion and style is critical to us and it becomes part of our life. Years of cooperation make it possible for me to integrate my personality with such watch. This relations lead me to a deeper understanding on the watch-making and I am glad to share my wishes with such a top watch-maker”. Hublot Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade Edition is a great choice for those Hublot fans and those Dwyane Wade fans that is worthy your purchase.