No Fear and Making Achievement-Tag Heuer and Marathon.

As part of the new strategy, TAG Heuer became the official partner and chronograph for the international marathon events. As the avant-garde of Swiss watch industry, TAG Heuer once again moves forward, and through this latest corporation, it conveys “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” to the world. TAG Heuer joined hands with many renown marathon events, such as TCS New York City Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon, BMW Berlin Marathon, Schneider Electric de Paris, etc, which means that tag Heuer returns to start line and refocus on the brand’s value-sport watch and chronograph, and the passion about sport, challenge, competition and ultimatum,

Joining in the Marathon events is a big strategic change, but that doesn’t send a message that tag Heuer will stop its pursue on the most-favored car trail. This new relation will fully express its “Don’t Crack Under Pressure”. What deserves our attention is that rare Swiss watch producers get involved in such events, which reflects in another way the avant-garde deeply implanted in Tag Heuer.

International City Marathon events become popular in recent ten years, and attracts fans from different nations and ages. They run to learn their extreme, and release their passion, energy and pressure. It is estimated that approximately 250,000 participants join in the big marathon events. TCS New York City Marathon alone have 50,000 participants and 250,000,000 audience around the track. Those international marathon events have been excellent chances for products to gain good exposure and show brand’s value. Ads on the track, TV, newspaper, and network could effectively elevate influence of any product. Participating in the event requires strong physical ability and perseverance, and if you want to become a good marathoner, these two conditions are critical. “Our philosophy matches such spirit, which I am proud of”, said Stephane Linder, Tag Heuer’s CEO.