Relative valuable – the Reason why Rolex Vintage Being Popular

As is known to all, Rolex is a frequent visitor to Christie’s and sotheby’s international auction institution, is also one of the most popular two brands with the highest price(the other one is the famous patek philippe). I don’t talk about those antique rolex with the unbelievable price (because I don’t know), instead, I just want to share the vintage Rolex watch that the watches fan can afford. Why antique Rolex has become more and more popular now, here are my personal feelings and opinions:

Relative valuable
Rolex has been known for maintenance of value, but just the opposite is other brands. Antique rolex value has the reason, including of good appearance and strong practicability, with these two points and the number of audience, its own conditions and the ownership, it cannot be successful only by pure speculation. Here is a digression, a lot of people think that watches can maintain the value, I have always been opposed to buy watches for maintenance of value, but really buying watches don’t maintain value, financial products on the market are much valuable than watches. If you don’t like watch I would advise you not to buy watches by holding their value for the purpose, so as to avoid pushing up prices but have not reach the purpose, people who can buy the watches with maintenance of value or increase in value are big senior players, because they have paid a lot of money before the foreshadowing, bought a lot of normal watches to have the qualification to buy the valuable watches, so the total count up is not valuable.

Above all, a Rolex watch can be popular because it meets the popular standard, and not effeminacy and can be worn normally and also can make yourself think that it can improve grade and taste.