Rolex Oyster Perpetual 268655

In 1956, the rolex launched the Oyster MILGAUSS watches featuring the Resistance to the magnetic field, in 1963 the Rolex Daytona timing clock is born. In 1992, the rolex launched a ladies Datejust watch series. Yacht-master wrist watch launched three dimensions, including 29 mm size, which particularly meet the demand of women. In 2000, the Rolex began using blue Parachrom hairspring, this is balance spring without iron and the magnetic disturbance earthquake resistant ability is ten times the traditional balance spring.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 268655 lady watch

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 268655 lady watch has the same appearance as the man model, and the watch case size is 37mm with the movement of 2236. The 18ct everose gold watch case is equipped with the two-way rotating 60 minute time scales outer bezel and the FLAT BLACK Cerachrom ceramic word bezel, and the polishing three-dimensional digital and the time scales make the wrist watch overall visual perception costly feeling greatly be improved. Blue crystal glass convex type magnifying glass is compelling, reading is also clearly visible, large luminous dial in the darkness of the environment also can clearly distinguish time, surface recognition degree is very high. This watch strap is using the Rolex sole Oysterflex strap, rolex independent researched and developed rubber strap, and it is the first attempt for Rolex to use the rubber strap. This watch waterproof depth can be of 100 meters, precision and stability are good as well. This watch match men 40 mm style can be pieced together into a couple watches, ladies wearing alone is also very good, both is good-looking and has extremely rich individual character.

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